Author: brainjam

Wednesday, 22.05.2024

7:32 After breakfast I like to take a break of 15, or 20 minutes before going out for a jog. It was the first time I went jogging after a two week break for medical reasons. Quickly, I noticed that I had lost some of my endurance during my two lazy weeks, so I wasn’t […]

Kuukiyomi: Consider it!

Kuukiyomi has been around since 2008, but only ten years later, in 2018, did G-Mode corporation finally release the first game in the series internationally, with English subtitles. The premise of the game is simple: You get put into various situations and have to think about which action is most considerate towards other people in […]

Toilet Brush Etiquette

“You know what I was thinking about?” “No, I don’t.” “So, my mom visited me at my place over the weekend. And you know how moms can be, right?” “Right.” “Anyway, she was like, criticizing my interior decoration. Do I look like some kind of like, you know, like, a fucking designer? Then, she went […]

Perhaps my worst idea so far

There are some questions to which humans will never know the answer, no matter how hard they may try. But still, we do not give up. We try to come as close as we possibly can to an answer, for that is humanities greatest strength, the unbreaking willpower. One of these questions is how the […]

The Artistic Process

There are two things that I learned while graduating school with art as one of my major subjects. Number one is that having a tragic life bestows you with unlimited power, and number two is that every artist has their own process. There is something else to be said about wannabe artists, like myself, and […]

The Silver Case: an imperfectible medium

In 1999, the video game development company Grasshopper Manufacture released their first game, The Silver Case. It is also the game that would kickstart the Kill the Past line of games by now famous (and personally my favorite) game director Suda51. It’s original release on the PSX however, never left Japan. It would only be […]

Regarding meteorology

Due to circumstances unrelated to the matter at hand, my day had already been ruined when I decided to take a walk on one fateful February day in order to calm down. Being paranoid, I of course decided to take a look at the weather forecast before heading out. According to the forecast, rain was […]