Wednesday, 22.05.2024


After breakfast I like to take a break of 15, or 20 minutes before going out for a jog. It was the first time I went jogging after a two week break for medical reasons. Quickly, I noticed that I had lost some of my endurance during my two lazy weeks, so I wasn’t able to jog my entire route without taking a break. Still, I felt pretty good – it’s better than nothing. When I got home, however, my sister informed me that a bird had shat on the, how do I say, the upper part of my trousers. Funny thing about that, even though I never touched the bird excrement, I felt dirty throughout the entire day, and I was also somewhat angry. When my brother walked past my room and asked me how my jog went, I could only reply with “A bird shit on my ass.” Even though it was kind of gross, I told that story to everyone I saw yesterday, and they all found it hilarious, so there was at least that. I still find it incredible that it even happened, but oh well.


I departed home for university. The commute is kind of annoying, but it’s still shorter than most, and at least I don’t have to take multiple trains and busses. Just sit down and shut up for 30 minutes. At university itself, the first lecture I attended was my weekly lecture dealing with “Popular Culture,” which is sometimes pretty boring. Occasionally, I feel pretty bad, because I feel like I have to enjoy every single one of my classes, even though I know it’s not so. While the lecture itself wasn’t very interesting and made me doubt the legitimacy of my degree, I got to spend time with a good friend of mine, so it was worth it. It was even more worth it afterwards, because after “Popular Culture” I have my beginner’s class in Greek, which is awesome, because the teacher is extremely funny. Furthermore, it’s wildly different from every other language I’ve learned or attempted to learn, so it’s really fascinating. Yesterday, I learned that verbs in Greek have no infinitive.


Returning home, I drank a cup of tea and saw that some pocket squares that I had ordered for the graduation ceremony of my friends next month had finally arrived, and they are as nice as advertised, so I’m really looking forward to finally showing off my stupidly meticulous outfit to people who don’t really care about clothes. It’s all about making yourself feel good!


Once again, I left home because I met a good friend of mine for dinner. We went to a Laotian restaurant, and the food was delicious. It was also extremely spicy, and it made me tear up, but in the end, it was very worth it. Overall, a very nice meal. The train station at the restaurant smelled like cow dung on the way back, which was just very confusing… we were downtown. But I doubt that there will ever be a neutral smell in a big city.


Back at home, I made myself comfortable, chatted with my family, and then finally went to my room to relax. I watched an episode of the TV show Psych!, which was recently added to Netflix. It’s pretty stupid sometimes, but entertaining, nonetheless. Finally, I read a chapter from the book I am currently reading, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which, while pretty confusing at times, is a pretty interesting and funny read. I fell asleep.


Overall, it was a pretty good, if normal day. Whilst getting pooped on by a bird was pretty annoying at first, it’s pretty funny now, and I really look forward to telling that story to everyone in my social circle.